The mission of the Foundation for Pierce College is to develop resources and increase public awareness

to support the students, educational programs and campus for the benefit of the community served by the college.

The Foundation...

  • Is dedicated to academic excellence and educational opportunity for all residents.

  • Directly assists students in need, supplements educational opportunities, enhances the College's facilities, and increases the availability of grants and scholarships.

  • Provides financial support, through fundraising, to assist the College in meeting its strategic and educational objectives.

  • Develops, supports and nurtures a variety of partnerships and alliances within the community.

  • Promotes public awareness and a positive image of the college within the community.

Agriculture education involves more than just learning the basics of seed production. It provides the opportunity for people to understand agriculture is not just farming; it’s a sustainable way of life.

Pierce College opened its doors in 1947 as the Clarence W. Pierce School of Agriculture. Two hundred and twelve WWII veterans entered the first classes.

By the early 1970's the college had 2,000 students taking classes in agriculture. Four hundred and fifty head of cattle (114 dairy cattle), 250 head of sheep, 250 of swine and 6,000 poultry made up the livestock portion of the college farm. A fifteen acre orchard, green houses and fields of alfalfa, oats, pumpkins, melons and various other field crops were used to educate our students. MORE...


The auto shop program for many students is the first major success when it comes to schooling in their life.

During the last four years, the certificate count for the automotive service technology department has climbed from 11-12 per year to over 125 and for most automotive students that is where their education ends.

Only a few dedicated students realize the importance and advantages of an associate’s degree and embark on the general education process.  After a few units of successful auto shop courses many students start to realize that they can be successful with general education courses especially when there is a purpose involved.  Therefore, Pierce College has initiated contextualized English and Math courses designed for auto students where writing and math problems have automotive subject material integrated in. MORE...

Pierce College has the most successful two-year Pre-Veterinary Science program in the State of California and internationally known for the excellence in hands-on training of applicants to graduate schools of veterinary medicine


The Registered Veterinary Technology (RVT) AS degree program is a viable, long-standing program accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).The RVT program provides the required education and training to 3 major populations of students who are seeking qualification for the RVT state board exam: AS degree candidates, alternate route candidates, students with prior degrees or transfer credits.  Additionally, the Pierce RVT program offers classes to pre-vet majors, high school students and community members desiring to expand their knowledge of animal health and care. MORE...