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Download the application here

Please Note: A copy of your transcripts MUST be submitted for your application to be considered.

A thank you letter to the scholarship donor must be received by the Foundation before scholarship funds will be released

Applications must be hand delivered to the Business Office.

The Foundation will start accepting the applications March 1, 2019.

The deadline to submit the applications is April 26, 2019 at 4:00 pm. 

Check back in January 2020 for updated Scholarship information 

  • Larry Horn Memorial Scholarship

Description: The Larry Horn Memorial Scholarship is funded by the family and friends of Dr. Larry Horn to honor his memory and legacy as a professor at Pierce College. Dr. Horn believed that all students deserve a second chance through education. Scholarships will be awarded to up to 2 students who have overcome any challenges or barriers in their personal lives, but who have shown commitment to furthering their education, achieving their career goals; those facing financial hardship will be given greater consideration.  A letter of recommendation from a Pierce College faculty member and a short bio are required.

             (Available for Award: 2 Scholarships up to $500 each)

  • Ken Weiser Memorial Scholarship Fund

         Awarded to full-time students majoring in Math, Engineering, or Arts with GPA 3.0 and higher. The students must be

         involved in the community.

         A one-page essay is required describing: why you want to receive the scholarship, what your goals    

         and accomplishments are, and what your educational plans for the future are. (Available for Award: 2 Scholarships of $500 each)

  • Marilyn and Stewart Robb Memorial Scholarship

      Application requirements include the following:

  1. Name, address, phone number and email.

  2. Student’s unofficial college transcript(s)

  3. Student must have taken (or be currently enrolled) in a minimum of one political science course

  4. A one-page minimum single-spaced essay entitled  “What challenges does democracy in the United States face in 2019?”  

  5. Download and complete a general foundation application found here at the Pierce College Foundation website:

  6. Please submit applications directly to Denise Robb, Mailbox 1118 or in the Foundation mailbox.  DO NOT EMAIL APPLICATION

            (Available for Award: One $500 scholarship will be awarded at the Awards Ceremony on Tuesday June 4,  2019 at 11 am.)

  • Gold's Inspiration Scholarship

        Purpose: To assist students that have struggled with alcoholism/substance abuse and are in recovery.


          - Students must have recently completed 2 consecutive semesters at Pierce College of at least 6 units each.

          - Minimum GPA: 2.5

          - Minimum Semester Units: 6

          - A one-page essay describing what it was like and what it is like now; also, briefly state what your educational plans

            for the future are. (Available for Award: 1 Scholarship of $200)​

  • The Gelb Family Scholarship -APPLICATION PERIOD ENDED 3/31/19

Purpose: To assist current matriculated students who upon graduation are planning to transfer to a College or Trade School

in the San Fernando Valley. Then ultimately work in the San Fernando Valley. Requirements include:

Minimum GPA 2.5

Minimum completed Semester units: 12  and demonstration of financial need.

In addition to the scholarship application (at the link at the top of the page) - A one-page essay is required describing: Why you want to receive

the scholarship and what your ultimate goals are.  Applicant should have provided some type of volunteer work or given back to the community in some way.

(One scholarship of $1,000)

 Applicants should mail their request, postmarked by 3/31/19, directly to:

The Gelb Group – Attn: Gloria Pollack

6200 Canoga Ave Ste. 201,

Woodland Hills, CA 91367

  • Reseda Women’s Club


  • Student must be a matriculated student at Pierce College and must demonstrate financial need, academic initiative, and be majoring in one of the following science areas: life sciences, physical sciences, or animal sciences.

  • Demonstration of Financial need 

  • A one to two page typed essay (11 or 12 point font) describing your goals, financial need, and why you have selected the specific area of science to major in.

  • GPA Requirements – C (2.5) average or better

(Available for Award: Three scholarships per year.  Two $500 scholarships for students that have earned between 15 and 30 units. One $1,000 scholarship to a student who is graduating this year and will be transferring to a four year college or university and will be continuing studies in the science area.)

Foundation for Pierce College  6201 Winnetka Ave. Woodland Hills, CA 91371 Phone: (818) 710 - 4206

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