Pierce College RVT Program


Pierce College has the most successful two-year Pre-Veterinary Science program in the State of California and is internationally known for the excellence in hands-on training of applicants to graduate schools of veterinary medicine


The Registered Veterinary Technology (RVT) AS degree program is a viable, long-standing program accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).The RVT program provides the required education and training to 3 major populations of students who are seeking qualification for the RVT state board exam: AS degree candidates, alternate route candidates, students with prior degrees or transfer credits.  Additionally, the Pierce RVT program offers classes to pre-vet majors, high school students and community members desiring to expand their knowledge of animal health and care.


Over the past 3 years, the RVT program has averaged approximately 350 students per semester.  The program consistently demonstrates high success and retention rates with percentages in both categories well above the college average.  In addition, the RVT Program averaged 19 AS degrees in the past 5 years which is the third highest number of AS degrees per year, next to Liberal Arts and Nursing.  RVT graduates consistently attain state board exam passing rates at or above state and national averages. In the most recent testing cycle, Pierce graduates obtained a 100% passing rate on the California State Board Exam and the Veterinary Technician National Exam.


Ways to Support the RVT Program: 


Even though in August 2010, the RVT program moved into a brand new, state of the art facility in the Center for the Sciences with a large clinical laboratory, a lecture room, a surgical suite with an observation deck, a radiology lab and a small animal clinic, it still needs public support in a few areas:


  • Pet Vaccine Clinic - $1,200.00 per clinic

    Each semester the RVT Program holds a low cost pet vaccine and microchip clinic for the local community.  Under the supervision of the faculty and staff, students administer vaccines and microchips to dogs and cats.  They gain valuable experience in handling different types of animals and with interacting with the public.

  • Onsite Clinic - $5,000 per semester

    As part of their clinical training the advanced RVT students participate in the on-site clinic.  Surgeries and dental procedures are performed in the morning, and appointments are seen in the afternoons.   The emphasis is on wellness and prevention, rather than treating complicated medical and surgical cases. Clientele is primarily Pierce College students, staff and faculty, and some local residents. The purpose of the clinic is to provide the students with additional hands-on training to gain experience and skill proficiency. Currently the onsite clinic is only open during the summer session, but the long range goal is to have a separate staff to operate the clinic so that it can be open during the entire year. Expanding the onsite clinic will also benefit entry level students in building skills right from the start of the program.


  • Dog Play Yard - $9,000.00

    Waterless turf


  • Adopt a Classroom

    Each lab room has their own function and individual needs (although there is some overlap).  Below is a list of lab rooms and some of their unique requirements. The cost is difficult to estimate but pricing could be obtained for interested donors.


    SURGERY: surgical instruments and packs, fluid therapy items, anesthetic monitoring equipment, dental equipment, tooth extraction models


    RADIOGRAPHY: dosimeter badges, personal protection equipment (PPE), film, positioning devices, equipment maintenance


    CLINICAL PATHOLOGY:  supplies, centrifuges, test kits, microscopes, prepared slides


    LARGE ANIMAL: oral dosing equipment, hoof trimmers, medical supplies,


    SMALL ANIMAL: IV supplies, bandage material, simulation models, medical supplies


    ANIMAL HOUSING UNITS (cat, dog, rabbit, rodent, farm animal): food, collars and leashes, litter pans, toys, bowls, behavioral enrichment items

Foundation for Pierce College  6201 Winnetka Ave. Woodland Hills, CA 91371 Phone: (818) 710 - 4206

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